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Παραλία Καλάμι

Παραλία Καλάμι


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Tripitos Arch

In the southwest of Paxos, an imposing natural rock formation stands out the sea, catching the eye of the visitors. The sea arch of Tripitos or Kamara – as it

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Lighthouse of Cape Lakka

It is located one kilometer from the port of Lakka, at the northernmost part of Paxos. Its operation began in 1919 but it was destroyed by a land subsidence. The

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Sterna Elliniki

In the south of the island and in a landscape of unique natural beauty, lies the Cistern “Elliniki”. It is a round-shaped water reservoir, dating back to the Venetian occupation

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Cave of Ipapantis

Beautiful sea caves are found in the western side of Paxos, among steep, vertical rocks. The locals call them “graves”. One of them is the “Cave of Ypapanti”, where the

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It is a large village and one of the oldest in Corfu, situated in the northern foothills of Mount Pantokrator: