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Lighthouse of Cape Lakka

It is located one kilometer from the port of Lakka, at the northernmost part of Paxos. Its operation began in 1919 but it was destroyed by a land subsidence. The new lighthouse is a stone-built, square tower of 10.7 meters in height and it’s enclosed by a stone wall.

Sterna Elliniki

In the south of the island and in a landscape of unique natural beauty, lies the Cistern “Elliniki”. It is a round-shaped water reservoir, dating back to the Venetian occupation and is still being in use today as part of the water supply system. The stunning, panoramic view it offers, as it stands upon a rock, makes it one of the ‘must see’ spots of the island.

The statue of George Anemogiannis | Gaios

The hero of the Greek Revolution of 1821 George Anemogiannis was born in Paxos in 1798 and was killed in 1821 in the Battle of Nafpaktos.
At the port of Gaios you can see the statue of the brave fireship captain. It was made by the sculptor Nikolas Pavlopoulos.

Venetian castle of Paxos | Agios Nikolaos island

In 1381 Paxos came under the rule of Venice. In 1423, Adam II San Ippolito, the feudal lord of the island, received permission by the Senate of Venice to build a Fortress on the island of Agios Nikolaos, in order to protect it from pirates. Among those pirates were Hayreddin Barbarossa and Turgut Reis, the infamous Mediterranean pirates. It is worth mentioning that its reconstruction was based on a design of Leonardo da Vinci!
In its recent history, the Venetian Fortress was occupied by the British army in 1814. Member of the army was the hero of the Greek revolution Theodoros Kolokotronis. He was then serving as a major of the Greek group force of the English army.
Best preserved parts of the fortress are the gunpowder depot, the tank, the observation tower and the cannons.

Monastery of Panagia Velianiton | Panagia island

The monastery is located on the islet of Panagia, at the entrance of the port of Gaios. Vellianites came to the Paxos from the village of Velliani, in Epirus during the 16th century. They brought with them the icon of the Virgin Mary (Assumption) and built a church in the ruins of an early Christian church.
Today, the icon is kept in a special place of the church. Today no nuns live at the monastery. It is worth visiting on the period of the 15th of August.
On the 14th of August a special Vespers is held. On the morning of the 15th of August a procession, dedicated to Virgin Mary, is scheduled and when it finishes, broth and beef are offered to the worshippers.
It is worth mentioning, that in 1892 the Empress of Austria Elizabeth (Sissy) visited the Monastery. Within the confines of the monastery, a picturesque lighthouse is located.

Church of Agios Spiridonas | Kaltsonisi

Kaltsonisi is a small, green island at the southernmost point of Paxos, where you will find the beautiful church of Agios Spyridon. It stood there at least since 1686 and was renovated in 1750.