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Tripitos Arch

In the southwest of Paxos, an imposing natural rock formation stands out the sea, catching the eye of the visitors. The sea arch of Tripitos or Kamara – as it is called- was created when parts of a cave collapsed. The spectacular creation of Mother Nature is over 20 meters high and can be reached by boat or on foot.

Mοnodentri beach

It is a very beautiful beach with crystal clear waters and trees that grow by the sea. Located near Loggos village, is one of the few organized beaches of Paxos. Here you will find cafes, restaurants and facilities for water sports, so you can spend many hours enjoying and relaxing. Road access is easy and parking space is available.

Cave of Ipapantis

Beautiful sea caves are found in the western side of Paxos, among steep, vertical rocks. The locals call them “graves”. One of them is the “Cave of Ypapanti”, where the Greek submarine “Papanikolis” was hidden during World War II. Swimming into them is an experience you’ll never forget.

The Blue Caves

The west side of Paxos is dominated by wild landscapes. Sea caves, hidden into vertical cliffs, were sculpted by the waves, forming amazing geologic wonders. The locals call them “graves”. They were named after the vibrant blue color of the surrounding waters. Some are so big that ships can pass through them. It is said that, in the “Cave of Ypapanti”, the most famous one, the Greek submarine “Papanikolis” was hidden, during the Second World War. You can reach them by boat, following an organized cruise or renting a private vessel. When you get there, do not miss the opportunity to swim through them. It will be an unforgettable experience!


One of the most impressive rocky formations of the steep western side of Paxos is undoubtedly Ortholithos. It is an imposing, standing rock that seems to have been pinned into the sea. Together with Ahai cave, they create a landscape of exceptional beauty that you should definitely visit.

Arkoudaki beach

The small, pebbled beach of Arkoudaki is located very close to the village of Lakka, north of Paxos. It takes only 20 minutes on foot from Lakka to reach it. Secluded and rocky, it is ideal for those who seek peace and quiet.