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Venetian castle of Paxos | Agios Nikolaos island

In 1381 Paxos came under the rule of Venice. In 1423, Adam II San Ippolito, the feudal lord of the island, received permission by the Senate of Venice to build a Fortress on the island of Agios Nikolaos, in order to protect it from pirates. Among those pirates were Hayreddin Barbarossa and Turgut Reis, the infamous Mediterranean pirates. It is worth mentioning that its reconstruction was based on a design of Leonardo da Vinci!
In its recent history, the Venetian Fortress was occupied by the British army in 1814. Member of the army was the hero of the Greek revolution Theodoros Kolokotronis. He was then serving as a major of the Greek group force of the English army.
Best preserved parts of the fortress are the gunpowder depot, the tank, the observation tower and the cannons.

Castle of Servia

At the highest point of Servia, stands the impressive mass of one of the most important castles of the mid-Byzantine and late-Byzantine period in Western Macedonia. The castle of Servia is located between Pieria and Kamvounia mountains, in an impressive, rocky terrain filled with gorges.

New Venetian Fortress | Corfu city

The new Venetian Fortress, overlooking the old city port, does not bring together so many visitors as the Old one in the Spianada. However, it is an equally impressive and well preserved monument of castle architecture. It was built by the Venetians in the 16th century and for its construction building material by about 2,000 homes and churches on the island was used. You can enter through the gate guarded by the stone relief of St. Mark’s lion and walk the cobblestone paths that lead to the highest level of fortification, the bastions of “Seven Winds”. You should stop at the English barracks with its wonderful inside to see the best view of the old city.