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Bridge of Chrisavgi

In a picturesque site, next to the quiet banks of river Aliakmonas, we find the Holy Monastery of Ilarionas. The monastery, although officially dedicated to the Holy Trinity, was finally named after its monk Ilarionas. It was first built in 1300.

Bridge of Ziakas

Ziakas Bridge is a double-arched Bridge and it was built in the 19th century over the river Velonia. It stands next to the new road bridge, just before it ascends to the village of Ziaka. The road that went through the Bridge was called “Vasiliki Strata” (Royal Walk) and it connected the village with Grevena.

Kagelia Bridge | Trikomo

The Kagelia Bridge has two arches and is built over the river Venetikos. The time of construction is not known. Once a basic access route to the villages of Mikrolivado and Monahiti, nowadays it rarely has the opportunity to “experience” the sounds of footsteps and humans crossing.

Kleftis – Liatissa Bridge | Spileo

Liatissa bidge is located near the village of Spileo, over the river Velonia, and it was constructed in 1800. It is also known as the “kleftis bridge” or the “jump of the kleftis”, because tradition has it that some thief pursued by the Turks, jumped at that point from one bank of the river to the other.

Spanos bridge

Spanos bridge, built over the river Venetikos, with a total length of 84m and a span reaching 10m at its highest point, is the longest Bridge in the prefecture of Grevena. According to the date inscribed on its arch, it was constructed in 1864 by Mustafa Pasha, aga of Argyrokastro, also called Spanos. Next to the bridge, there is an inn where the caravans to Thessaloniki or Ioannina stayed overnight.

Bridge of Portitsa | Spileo

Portitsa bridge, built at the root of the gorge under the village of Spileo, prevails the stone landscape of the area. It is a double-arched Bridge with a length of 34m. It was built in 1743 by masons from the area or from Ioannina, and financed by the Holy monastery of the Assumption. The Bridge used to join Spileo with Krania and it is the most photographed of the stone passages in Grevena.
For photography lovers that are ready to “spend” reels of film and digital cards, the gorge and the Bridge are ideal models.