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Traditional Villages

Traditional villages on the Egnatia Highway axis that are living centres of culture and history, with stunning natural beauty and traditional architecture. The visitor discovers stone houses, picturesque traditional cafes and squares that come alive with festivals and traditional events.
The local cuisine is a delight. A combination of traditional recipes with local products. The locals bring together modern life with their traditions, offering visitors the opportunity to experience authentic Greek hospitality.
Most of these traditional villages are surrounded by imposing mountains, streams, waterfalls and forests. An impressive combination of culture and nature. The villages showcase the rich cultural heritage of the region, offering an unforgettable experience for those seeking authentic Greek tradition.


Prespa Lake | Western Macedonia

One of the villages of Prespa that is worth visiting is Agios Germanos. It is 48 km away from Florina. Built at an altitude of 1,040m, above Megali Prespa and close to the border with North Macedonia, it was once the head village of the region. Wander through the picturesque streets of the village to discover the beauty of the stone houses with traditional architecture. The homonymous Byzantine church of Agios Germanos stands out, dedicated to Germanos, Patriarch of Constantinople.


Evros | Thrace

Sericulture, the cultivation of mulberries, the production and trade of silk, were the production sector that made Soufli famous and gave the town economic and social prosperity. Silk, as well as other agricultural occupations and small businesses, such as viniculture and cart construction, brought wealth to Soufli, which became an important business and trade centre during the 19th and early 20th centuries in the broader region of Evros River.


Kozani | Western Macedonia

The village of Dilofo is one of the most renowned and best-preserved mastorochoria of the region of Voios. The first houses were built around 1600. Today, we can still admire its exceptional stone mansions.


Samothrace island | Thrace

The capital of Samothrace, Chora, has been declared a traditional settlement. Chora, still resisting the abandonment of old houses and “tourist development”, is hidden in a rocky slope of Mount Saos, because of the fear of pirates in earlier times, while it is still “guarded” to the present by the Tower of Palamidis Gatelouzos.


Florina | Western Macedonia

Beat the eggs and add the flour to create a soft dough (that can be kneaded). Make pastry sheets,…


Halkidiki | Central Macedonia

Parthenonas, 8 km from the central road, is a wonderful village built at an altitude of 350m. It was named after the ancient Parthenopolis which mythology placed in the same area. The village had a continuous presence since Byzantine times, but it was abandoned in the 70s by its inhabitants who left the olive groves and turned to tourism.


Pella | Central Macedonia

Agios Athanasios is a traditional hamlet that developed over the last few years, thanks to the neighbouring skiing resort of Mt. Voras (also known as Mt. Kaimaktsalan). It was built at an altitude of 1200 m. in the 16th century and hosted a flourishing animal raising community which was abandoned in the 1970s.


Elassona | Thessaly

The historical village Livadi is located on the slopes of Titaros at an altitude of 1181m and is surrounded by the mountainsides of Pieria, Olympus and Komvounia. It overlooks the peaks and slopes of Olympus to the east, while its horizon extends to Koziakas to the south and west.


Paxos Island | Ionian Islands

Gaios is the capital of Paxos and its main port. It’s a picturesque, natural harbor, “protected” by the nearby islands of Agios Nikolaos and Panagia, thus forming an impressive “fjord”.
On the lively waterfront there are taverns, cafes, bars and small shops to meet your needs. 


Pieria | Central Macedonia

Old Panteleimonas is a traditional settlement that has been preserved in its original state, without having undergone any architectural alterations or interventions in the process of time. The village, which was most probably founded in the 14th century, is built over an altitude of 700m. and offers amazing views towards Mount Olympus and the Golf of Thermaikos…


Kozani | Western Macedonia

Vlasti, a mountainous village just 24 km off Ptolemaida, lies in the bosom of Mounts Siniatsiko (or Askio) and Mouriki, on a plateau with an altitude of 1240 meters. Greek pastures with cedars, beech and oak woods, and pine reforestations give a special character to the region.


Zagorochoria | Epirus

Beat the eggs and add the flour to create a soft dough (that can be kneaded). Make pastry sheets,…


Zagorochoria | Epirus

Beat the eggs and add the flour to create a soft dough (that can be kneaded). Make pastry sheets,…


Corfu Island | Ionian Islands

This is a protected village located deep in the bosom of the mountain, with ancient roots, stone mansions, mysterious streets and many churches, a “ghost village” that preserves – though ruined – the legacy of its Venetian architecture.


Thesprotia| Epirus

The village of Foiniki is the best-preserved traditional settlement in Thesprotia. A number of 18th century two- and three-storey manor houses, built by Foinikian émigrés, still remain. Many feature impressive doorways with semi-circular arches built with hewn stones.


Tzoumerka | Epirus

At Kalarrytes, the grey stone and slate are the main materials used to build the attractive two- and three-storey homes of the traditional village, its churches, pavements, fountains and entryways. Hewn stones, stone arches on the ground floors, ornate balconies and windows are evident everywhere. 

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